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Omnipotent Industrial Application Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Omnipotent CAN Controlled Chassis

UNOCOMMUTER is a general outdoor chassis designed for multiple applications. After taking into account a wide range of environments, it gains competitive edge by-compact and exquisite design, which allows easy access to indoors; independent suspension can adapt to various rugged paths; standardized protocols and interfaces facilitates secondary development; and multi-faceted mounting brackets provide abundant external equipment support.

The chassis can be used in the application exploration of autonomous driving by installing different upper components and navigation systems. UNOCOMMUTER provides the most cost-effective option for various chassis applications through standardized mass production.

Structural Advantages

In order to meet different terrain and environmental requirements, UNOCOMMUTER adopts 13-inch pneumatic tires. Users can choose for road/grass/mud tires. Safety guardrail or external bracket can also be installed around the vehicle to facilitate the use in the field and special environment.

Road Tire
Grass Tires
Cross Country Tires

Modular Peripherals

As a general use, UNOCOMMUTER is equipped with standard equipment such as car lamp, buzzer, voltmeter and emergency stop switch. It can also carry different external equipment according to different application conditions. Interfaces bus are reserved around the body, which can provide power supply and communication network for the equipment installed around the body, reducing additional wiring.

Advanced Development

UNOCOMMUTER can complete its own motion control, and customize complex operation modes. The master control provides serial port/standard CAN bus as communication interface, enable the access of differential GPS, inertial navigation system, RGB-D, lidar, infrared/ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensor, etc.

UNOCOMMUTER also supports access to more advanced autonomous driving systems such as ROS and Baidu Apollo. Developers can use this as a mobile platform for their own application development.